Unenforceable Credit Agreements 2018

Please I can have a tip, I have a DMP with four outstanding debts, 3 are almost 10 years old and are not on my credit account. I`m afraid I won`t pay anymore, but should I ask for an f&f? Hello, I had a halifax Mastercard which was late in June 2017 with a credit of £1,099.83. It was handed over to Hoist. In January 2020, I decided to write Hoist with a request from the CCA. In April 2020, Robinson Way wrote to me on behalf of Hoist that they had not been able to provide the CCA and had marked the account as unenforceable. Robinson Way has been calling my fixed network every day of the week since January 2020, but I never answered. If the creditor has the CCA agreement, the reader can simply make the full and definitive 40% transaction offer that was planned. This is a very good offer for such an old debt if the payments are minimal. He can help to make the offer accepted by: Thank you for your reply. I am on maternity leave at the moment (I only receive SMP).

I think the debt is not applicable to all three cards and I have confirmed it in writing for one account. Since my brother has an estate, I don`t know what to do with this unenforceable account because we don`t want it to hurt his creditworthiness. Can he be behind his name because he has an estate and is now responsible for their succession? Could you suggest the best things to do for unenforceable debt? Thank you very much with PayPlan, which I had already contacted to pay DMP. They asked me to call my creditors to find out if they were still covering my credit report, if they caught me in default and when or when they will stop. I have to offer them 25%. I asked if I could get CCA first, as some loans might not be able to be maintained. Payplsn strongly advised against applying for CCA first. They said they should only ask if creditors refuse the offer. want to do this DMP as quickly as possible, but aren`t sure what to do best!? Any advice, please? For each guilt, did the recovery say in writing that it was unenforceable? It`s true? I`m surprised when Payplan said to give them 25%.

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