Greater Anglia Franchise Agreement

The Greater Anglia franchise agreement was signed in 2016, bringing changes to rail services across the East of England and London. The 9-year agreement between the Department for Transport and Abellio East Anglia Limited, a subsidiary of Abellio Transport Holdings Limited, outlines the terms for the operation of rail services in the region.

The Greater Anglia franchise covers an area of over 11,000 square miles, including routes from London Liverpool Street to destinations such as Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge, and Stansted Airport. The agreement includes improvements to station facilities, rolling stock, and infrastructure, as well as commitments to provide better customer service and increased capacity.

Station improvements include upgrades to ticket machines and ticket offices, increased CCTV coverage, and improved accessibility for disabled passengers. New rolling stock is being introduced throughout the franchise, including new electric trains that are replacing diesel trains on some routes. These new trains are expected to be faster, more reliable, and more comfortable for passengers.

Infrastructure improvements include track and signalling upgrades, which are expected to reduce journey times and increase reliability. The franchise agreement also includes commitments to reduce carbon emissions, with a target of a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030.

One of the key commitments of the Greater Anglia franchise agreement is to increase capacity on the network. This includes more frequent services on some routes, as well as the introduction of longer trains and additional carriages. The introduction of new rolling stock will also increase capacity, with some trains able to carry up to 1,100 passengers.

The franchise agreement also includes a commitment to deliver better customer service. This includes improvements to customer information and communication, such as real-time train information and mobile ticketing. The franchise also includes a commitment to work with local communities, with plans to involve community groups in station enhancement projects and other initiatives.

Overall, the Greater Anglia franchise agreement represents a significant investment in rail services in the East of England and London. The improvements outlined in the agreement are expected to deliver faster, more reliable, and more comfortable rail services for passengers, as well as a range of benefits for the wider community. As the franchise agreement continues to be implemented, passengers can look forward to a more modern and efficient rail network in the years to come.