Chile Russia Trade Agreement

The Cuban Revolution of 1959 unleashed a new wave of anti-communism in Latin America and reaffirmed the Chilean government`s decision to stay away from Soviet influence and relations. [3] „Since 2005, the Chilean-Russian government commission has been meeting regularly to improve bilateral cooperation and seek ways to strengthen trade, agricultural, educational, and scientific and technological relations,“ he said. „It is important for Chile to further deepen the trade agenda with these countries.“ After christian Democrat Eduardo Frei Montalva became President of Chile on 3 November 1964, relations were re-established on 24 November 1964 and it was not until 1967 that the two states signed bilateral agreements. [1] [4] Salvador Allende`s victory in the 1970 Chilean presidential elections gave the Soviet Union the opportunity to establish close ties with Chile. The victory of Allende`s political party, Unidad Popular, a coalition of socialist, communist and various left-wing parties, showed that the Chilean government was ideologically and politically closer to the Soviet Union than any other South American country. But the Soviet Union hesitated to shoulder the burden to ensure the success of the Chilean experiment.